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Things that make me really really happy

Merlin (I love Arthurian legends and I’ve been reading/studying them since I was 11):

Merlin Season 2 Fan TrailerFunny bloopers are a click away

The Tudors (I love history and the Tudor dynasty).

The Tudors Season 3 *Good Times Gonna Come*For more of the funniest videos, click here

I love series and I watch a few religiously: Gossip Girl (waiting for new episodes due sometime in March), Heroes (love, love, love Heroes, but the 4th season just ended, so it will be a long time until new episodes see the light of day) and now Merlin and The Tudors. Oh, and Being Erica.
Watching series in bed is a relatively recent hobby of mine and I love it. I love the feeling of being cuddled up, warm and comfy in my bed watching my favorite tv shows. Yummers. 😀

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