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into the wild

You may have heard of the movie Into the Wild. My boyfriend loved- and I mean LOVED- the movie. That would be okay had he not cried in the end. I canot stand crying men, especially those crying because of a stupid movie. Apparently lots of guys cried after watching Into the Wild, so I refused to see it as a form of protest. He kept pushing me into watching it. So finally I gave in a couple of weeks ago. Sorry to say I didn’t cry. I’m a block of never melting ice.

Or not.
I wasn’t sad. If anything I was inspired and I kind of think that was the whole point since that is a true story. 
The soundtrack is pretty awesome too. 
I wish I could turn my back on everything like Alex Supertramp. And I wish I had a cool fake name like he did. I can’t help but to think how long I would last out in the wild.
«Society, you’re a crazy breed.
I hope you’re not lonely, without me.»

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