home is where the <3 is.

So…. I’m going away tomorrow. Moving back to Lisbon. I’m excited!! I´m gonna miss home though…Here are some things that make home feel like, well, home.

Part of my room.

Hello Kitty. 😀
A friend, Catarina, did this for me. It’s so cute. I wish all my friends would make me cute dolls.

Stuff I like in my room.


she is my hello kitty.

Is it weird that none of the people on my wall are alive?

Where I keep my favourite tee. 1- Happiness tee. 2- Caramel tea.
I love this mirror. It makes me look pretty.

japanese-ish tree. I’m so artsy, like, omg.

Ahah. Shots. Gwen brought me this from Ibiza. Good times.

Love HCA

Zen. Background photo taken by me @ Casa da Música, Porto.

Yumi on my bed.




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