Birthday Wishlist


Birthday Wishlist

1. Dress by Molly Bracken
2. A Beautiful Mess Bag by Kelly Moore
3. Earrings by Casa Batalha
4. Dress by Molly Bracken
5. Canon 1200D
6. Instax Mini by Fujifilm
7. Kobo eReader

Note to friends and family: I do not expect to be given any of these items on my birthday. I just tend to look at my birthday as the real New Year and these are just some of the things that would make me happy on this new year and/or would contribute to make it more productive! If you’re looking for a cheaper wishlist, here. This one is updated all year round! 🙂

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  1. ai a mala ABM em menta é de morrer ^_^ essa canon tambem nao me importaria nadinha de brincar com ela. E venha esse aniversario! Sabes que tens bastante sorte em fazer anos no Verao? Eu faço no Inverno e por isso é sempre festejado indoors :/

  2. Happy belated birthday! I just celebrated mine as well. I hope you recieved a couple of the beautiful items on your list (especially that adorable pink Instax camera)!

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